Lately I've been looking at the Porsche 911 as a possible replacement for my M3. Sounds like a logical move, right? BMW M3 owner moves on to Porsche 911. Nothing we haven't heard before. But why look at the 911 now when I could have looked at them eight years ago instead of buying an NSX, or the Corvette, or the STi,… » 4/14/14 11:28am Monday 11:28am

If you didn't like the driving dynamics of the EP3 then you won't like the RSX. They both use, to my knowledge, a near identical MacPherson front suspension design and the same rear suspension. More info on it here - » 4/02/14 1:57pm 4/02/14 1:57pm

Nothing like an Evo spoiler on an E46 M3 to upset a BMW crowd

I visited a friend at his shop in VA one February evening. Some technicians there own Evos and there was a spoiler from an Evo 8 laying on the ground in the corner near the lift where my car was parked. It was out of pure curiosity that I grabbed some shop towels and laid them down on the corners of the trunk of my M3. … » 2/28/14 1:53pm 2/28/14 1:53pm

Does One Simply Trade a BMW M3 for a Porsche 911?

I've owned my E46 M3 for a few years now but I've become a little bored of the car as of late and have began to look at used Porsche 911's in the 996 C4S and 997.1 variety. Well maintained examples can be found on Autotrader and for $35k or a less with 50k miles and so long as short list of preventative… » 2/18/14 2:47pm 2/18/14 2:47pm

An M3 Owner’s Review of the 2010 Audi S4 B8 6-speed

Yesterday I had a chance to check out the latest generation of the Audi S4. It's the B8 chassis, (2009+) and its supposed to be the best S4 to date. My view of the entire 4 series, not just the S4, has always been that they're nose heavy, under-steering machines. The S4 line just happened to be slightly sportier with… » 2/10/14 2:13pm 2/10/14 2:13pm

RFD visits the 2014 Washington Auto Show – Part II

Welcome back to the RFD coverage of the 2014 Washington Auto Show. Earlier this week we brought you coverage of the upper level, including GM, FCA, Toyota and Ford. Thankfully the Italians and Japanese did not lure us up there to be flanked by the Germans, but our trip isn't over yet. Today we venture downstairs to the … » 2/07/14 2:42pm 2/07/14 2:42pm

RFD visits the 2014 Washington Auto Show – Part I

As a car enthusiast, it's always fun, yet a touch difficult to attend an auto show. Those of us that spend an inordinate amount of time on the internet researching cars (that we will never buy) end up with a useless diverse wealth of knowledge about said cars. In addition to the normal horsepower and torque figures, we … » 2/03/14 12:15pm 2/03/14 12:15pm

Autocross 101

I used to autocross pretty much every weekend. I campaigned various cars with varying levels of success. I won Street Touring X one season in the Metropolitan Washington Council of Sports Car Clubs in a 2003 Mustang GT. It was that season that the car club I was racing with started to ask me to teach a basics course… » 1/28/14 4:39pm 1/28/14 4:39pm