Video Teaser: Mello Yellow

On August 9th we began filming a truly unique Mustang GT for an upcoming new video series focused on street cars built for twisty roads. While we can't share all the beauties of this particular beast just yet, we have decided to upload a short teaser video made from footage recorded on day one. We'll be sharing… » 8/11/14 5:07pm 8/11/14 5:07pm

Video Comparison: BMW E46 M3 vs Focus ST

You have $25,000 to buy a car but you want something fun with a little bit of room and it needs to be fairly reliable. If that isn't you, it was likely you at one point, or you have a friend with this same question. If you've spent much time online, you'll know the Ford's new Focus ST and BMW's E46 M3 are two of… » 7/30/14 2:51pm 7/30/14 2:51pm

A Mustang GT, Bottle in a Bag and the Ocean City Car Show

Years ago a buddy of mine — we'll just call him Kevin — had a metallic green 1996 Mustang GT that was semi-setup for drag racing. It had the basic bolt-ons for the time. Headers, catless X pipe, Borla side exhaust, under drive pulleys, 3.73 gears, and 26″ tall Mickey Thompson ET Streets… skinnies up front. It… » 7/24/14 2:35pm 7/24/14 2:35pm

First Autocross with the E46 M3

It's been a minute since my last autocross. As in 2009. That was the year, not how many minutes have past since my last event. With all the things going on in life I did manage to get out recently and attend an autocross hosted by the Capital Driving Club at Regency Stadium in beautiful Waldorf, Maryland. The sun… » 7/23/14 4:35pm 7/23/14 4:35pm

One of the longest held 0-60 records of all time

Think back and remember all the greatest supercars; the McLaren F1, the original Koeniggsegg, Ferrari F40 and F50, the Saleen S7 and so on. Now think of how quickly they can reach 60mph; blistering fast, most in the low 3-4 second range. Of all these cars and of all the supercars that you could get, which do you… » 7/15/14 1:52pm 7/15/14 1:52pm


After waiting for what seems like at least two weeks, we finally got a picture of what a future Aston Martin could look like, presented to you adoring non-rich fans by Gran Turismo. The car is gorgeous, just like most Aston Martins, except the Lagonda, that's gross. This new concept is a 2 seat, mid engine British… » 6/28/14 5:20pm 6/28/14 5:20pm

Thanks for all of that. My Corvette also achieved uncanny highway MPG for the time so no doubt your F-Body did the same above 80. I called my dealer the other day and had them add the Performance package. No way I can let that deal slip. » 6/27/14 9:49am 6/27/14 9:49am